January 10, 2009

Tree burning

So, there is this thing we do in Pedricktown. Our Christmas tree burning. We are the only town in Salem County who is legally allowed to do this. We've been doing it for so long, the county just lets us continue to do it each year. Tonight, we burned Christmas trees.

Doesn't it just look awesome?? lol there was tons of smoke since they put a TON of diesel fuel on it this year. They didn't think that they were gonna get it to light lol

That is Rachael's little sister Madison. She's so cute. She wanted to cook a hot dog for herself, so we grabbed one, and out of the firehouse she walked to one of the smaller fires haha. Rachael saw me walking out there with Madison, realized we were gonna cook a hot dog, and she ran after us haha. She ended up cooking it for Maddie cuz Maddie didn't feel like doing it herself or something....Gotta love 7 year olds. LOL

Rachael and me!! =] I seriously love this girl. Like, really. lol She's been there for me through everything, and I am soooo happy her dad took her to the tree burning this year. Todd, if you ever read this....THANK YOU!!!! haha =]

Hehehe kisses make me smile =] or, at least Collin's kisses do lol I went to take a picture of us after the tree burning since I had taken one just as it started. and just as I started taking the picture, he kissed me on my cheek, and the picture ended up being of him kissing me on the cheek. Tho, I'm not complaining. Haha =] Obviously it's not hard for him to get me to smile lol ;] lol

That's one of our special things we actually do in Pedricktown. One of very few lol The next thing Pedricktown will have will probably be Pedricktown Day in October. So, yea, we have very few things in Pedricktown that are awesome lol well, take what you get I guess lol

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Tonya said...

Very cool! Glad you had a great night!

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