January 18, 2009

X's and O's

I'm sooo happy. Tomorrow we have off from school, and my mom said that I can go with Collin to Deptford to see a movie and go to the mall afterwards. =] That is, if Fred says we can take the Durango lol
Oh, and yesterday, I took a picture of our robot so far. Not gonna put it on here, but then Mr. Don took a picture of me taking a picture of the robot. The picture is above everything that I've typed so far cuz I can't get blogger to work out the way it should. Oh well. lol And you can only see the cRio on the robot, so it's all good =]


Denise said...

I hope you guys get to go see a movie....what are you gonna watch? He said you want to see Twilight again, lol.

Samkay said...

lol he lies (kinda) hahah We're gonna go see Last Chance Harvey I think. lol

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