January 22, 2009

Thursday fun?

What can I say about today?
Collin picked me up for school today. Can I just say that I love him driving?? Haha I can't wait until his car is done now and when he learns how to drive stick. It will make me sooo happy. Like, for once I wasn't bouncing up and down every few seconds, and the ride didn't take 25 minutes. God, gotta love that.
School was kinda boring. Tomorrow we are gonna start disecting the pig fetuses in bio. Tho, I'm skipping that. Not skipping the class, but I am going to the library to work on the same stuff they are pretty much, but I'm not cutting into the pig, nor am I sitting in the room watching. Thank God. lol
After school was done, Collin and I came back to my house for alil bit after getting gas. Thank god I had the $20 in my purse still and I hadn't deposited it into my bank account yet. Of course, that means $20 less that I have for my prom dress, but oh well. I'll get the money some other way.
We went to school at like, 3:30 again to go to the DuPont play-off match and then finals. We ended up losing the play off to Woodstown. VoTech beat us too. 12-17-22 or something like that. Woodstown then lost to Shalick. Poo on Shalick!! LOL
Once we got back to the school at around 7:30 ish, we drove to robotics. I found out on the way back to PGHS that my aunt is in the E.R. in Salem cuz she is dehydrated thanks to having a stomach virus for 3 days. =[ Poor Aunt Potsy!
Kinda worked on a few things at robotics. At around 8:50 ish, Collin gave me a ride home since my mom and grandfather went to Salem to pick Shannon up from working (yes, she actually worked today!!) and to see my aunt.
And now I'm exhausted. Something is up with my sleeping time or something, cuz no matter when I go to bed, I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night. And it'll take me a while to fall back asleep. So, I'm only running off of about 5 hours of sleep each night or so. I actually passed out on the way back to PGHS from Pittsgrove Middle School. Collin was really sweet too cuz everytime I'd wake up to see where we were, he would just tell me to fall back asleep cuz we weren't even close. He also kept telling me that he'd wake me up when we were getting really close. So, I did get some sleep in. Not much, but some.


Denise said...

Sorry you lost at your match. But it sounds like a pretty good day otherwise. I hope you get a good night sleep tonight.

Samkay said...

Yea, so do I. lol Collin was explaining to all the mentors that I was delirious cuz I haven't had much sleep. It got worse during the car ride home. Which actually reminds me that I forgot to tell him something. LOL

Tonya said...

He actually has me running to the bank today to get money to pay you back while I am out.

Collin was pretty disappointed about losing the match too, but really excited about his "uniform". LOL

And I got your arm-gram...we miss you too! I told Collin you can come home from robotics with him if you want on Saturday...or come over Sunday, doesn't matter to me. I think Fred has to work. )-:

Samkay said...

Tonya, you're not serious, are you?? I told him it was fine and not to worry about paying me back.

lol we walked into robotics, and everybody was like "you're wearing the same shirt!" haha it was pretty funny

I would LOVE to go over on Saturday. I gotta find out when my mom's friend's wedding is that day and see if I'm allowed to go to it or not. It's a small little wedding, but I'm not sure if the 3 year old is gonna be a pain the butt or not during the wedding. And boo. That stinks that he might be working! I wanna see him! lol =]

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