January 26, 2009

dumb, dumb, me lol

So, being the smartie that I am, I got grounded again. lol This time, the cell phone was taken away. And computer is only supposed to be used for robotics or homework. and right now, I'm using it for homework. Oh, and no Collin either. Tho, I see him almost everyday. And he is giving me a ride to school tomorrow so I can take a bio test.
But, on the brighter side...My scoliosis shifted a few degrees, but my doctor isn't concerned about it. =] YAY!! lol


Denise said...

Bad Sam! What did you do now? LOL just kidding.
Where do you go for your scoliosis? When I was a teenager I had to go to A.I. Dupont....if I grew any more I would have been in one of those body braces. Im still very crooked.

Samkay said...

Forgot to wash dishes and do laundry on Saturday night. lol
Cooper cuz my mom works for them. My right side is alot more prominent than my left is now lol especially my shoulder blade haha. My hip isn't balanced much either. My legs are fine tho.

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