January 27, 2009

My little babies and snow

I decided that my kitten and female dog needed something posted about them. The two of them do NOT mix at all pretty much. The kitten and male dog get alone just fine. Jenny is getting old tho, and the kitten likes to play alot. Jenny likes playing, but just not with other animals lol she is territorial and stuff, and she decided the kitten hasn't been "approved" yet to be in her territory. But, she doesn't get her way. lol

Yes, the brat is in the picture. We have orange walls in our back room, tan carpets throughout the entire house, and one of those tan ish gates in our backroom. He got behind the gate, which was leaning up against the wall, so he blended right in! I thought it was a cute picture of my little baby =]

One night, Jenny was just having an off night with the cat. He would NOT leave her alone. We put her up on my mom's bed, and she was laying there, and the cat came over. Not a smart move. She started snarling. Finally we got him off the bed. She was calm after that. So, we took a picture of her. Also while she was snarling at the kitten. Hehe

And tonight, it was snowing!! The view outside of my grandmom's house was just gorgeous after we got there after robotics. So, I just had to take a picture of it. I showed it to my grandmother who was standing at the door looking out (the cold was a bit much for her, but she could stand it for a minute or so) and she decided that she wants a copy of that picture. So, looks like I'm printing out pictures tonight. Eh, I wanna work on my scrapbook anyway actually. =]

Oh, robotics was kinda boring today. Cuz I was working on biology crap. But, the robot runs now. =] We just gotta do some tweaking in programming and stuff. But, YAY!! lol

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