January 21, 2009

Not my fault!!!

Wow. I haven't posted anything since after I got home from the mall on Monday. It's not my fault, however. My internet (not the internet itself, but like, Mozilla) was screwed up. I tried everything to get it to work. I was pretty much going insane without reading Denise's and Tonya's posts. Well, that and having no access to anything on the web. LOL
So, here is a short recap of what happened the past few days......
Tuesday: School, DuPont after school, went job hunting with Collin so he can get some moneys, Collin drove me back here alone with my new black showboard for my science fair project, we played Pod Racers on my N64, and then we had robotics. Denise made these REALLY tasty meatballs. I didn't have a piece of the cake she made tho. I so wanted one too.
Wednesday: Oh, I guess that's today, isn't it? lol Well, had school as usual. Then afterwards my grandfather and I went to Pennsville to get the sweet and sour chicken he had at lunch so I could eat it before I went to the FLL meeting today. That was interesting. lol Every single kid there (who all happen to be middle school guys) wanted to work on the robot lol After that got done at 4 ish, I walked to Bean's to get hot chocolate and wait for my grandfather to pick me up. Then I came back here, tried to get some things working, but to no avail. My mom got home, and we went to my grandmom's for dinner. Oh, and I found out today....My mom's friend Heather is having a baby girl!!!! =] Sorry, I'm really hyper. Uhm, so then once we got back home, I shut down my computer, and then rebooted it.....My internet started working then!! YAY!! lol Just in time for me to make snickerdoodles...LOL In my next post (once I'm done this one), I'm posting the pics from the mall, the day we had the sub on Monday, and the pics of the cookies I made lol that post is just gonna be pictures (with the captions too)
So, that's what has been happening since I was last on my computer. Not entirely, but that's cuz I forget alot of what happened LOL Hopefully my internet doesn't get messed up again. =]


Denise said...

AW...I still have cake if you want a piece. I love reading your updates because it is where I get caught up. Where did Collin apply? just wondering.

Samkay said...

He went to apply to Game Alley or something like in Penns Grove. But, they're not taking applications right now. So, I dunno where he is gonna apply

Tonya said...

Can't wait to see the pictures from the mall! I wish you had one from build a bear, he was quite embarassed. LOL

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