January 5, 2009

Proves the robo nerd!

Ok, this proves that I'm a robo nerd....

For my persuasive essay I am having to write for English, I'm doing it on how there should be a FIRST robotics team in every county in the US....At least one! Haha but, that proves the robo nerdiness. Is nerdiness even a word?? lol
I thought Tonya and Denise and anybody else of that family who reads my blog would find that amusing. And like I told Denise on my status on facebook....My essay is alot more persuasive than Collin's was last year....His was on energy drinks I think. I'm pretty sure it was cuz I remember helping him with it during a robotics meeting last year during build season. So, I think mine is gonna be better. Haha. No offense Collin, if you read this lol. =]


Denise said...

We ALL know your essay will ROCK compared to his, lol. Let us know what grade you get, ok?

Samkay said...

Haha don't worry, I will. Cuz if all my hard work pays off, I'll be super excited about my grade. haha

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