January 7, 2009

Finally able to breathe

Wow. Yesterday was pure insanity almost. Collin and I tutored yesterday after school until about 3 ish, and went to DuPont Academic League for a few minutes, and then we realized that my grandfather was there to pick us up. So, we went out to the car and went back to my house for the hour or so that we had left before robotics. My uncle picked us up, and we went to robotics. Collin did a little bit of homework to do, and then he started to help me and David work on getting the old control panel off of the demo bot and put the new one on there to start programming and practicing for drive team. We got pretty far last night, and then everybody left at about 9 ish or so I think. Once I got home, I had to type up my essay for English. I think I went to bed at around 11 ish. ew. lol
Today was kind of insane, but not as bad. We had school, and once I got to school, I saw just how sick Collin looked. He had told me he wasn't feeling good this morning so he was gonna sleep on the bus to see if that made any difference. Nope. None at all. =/ Before 1st block started, he kept saying he was gonna be fine later today, and he was gonna tutor with me and all that crap. I kinda had my doubts, but figured that since it's his body, he must know better than I would. After second block, I went down to Cerrito's classroom. He met me about half way like usual, and he looked almost worse than he did before!!! Not good at all. So, we went back to Cerrito's room so he could drop off his stuff, and then he decided he probably should go to the nurse's. I walked with him down to the nurse's office, gave him a quick kiss, and then told him to text me if he decided he was gonna leave early. Once I got to lunch, I was miserable. I got my lunch and tried to cheer up. That's when I got the text from Collin telling me that he was going home early. And much to my dismay, I lost it. I actually broke down and started crying. Wasn't just because Collin was leaving early. It was more than likely cuz I'm just so strung out about robotics and other crap, so I lost it. =/
I went through the rest of the day pretty miserably, and at the end of the day when I went to meet Collin like I always do, I then remembered that he went home early. Ugh. So, then I went back the other way to go tutor. But, nobody showed up. Instead I sat in Mrs. S's room doing some things for her and talked with her for a little bit about some stuff, and when I went to go to DuPont, she told me that even tho I didn't tutor anybody, she was gonna give me the time for the community hours. So, for doing about 20 minutes of nothing really, she's giving me half an hour of community service. Gotta love Mrs. S. =] And she's a very good listener and she understands what I have to say.
I answered a few questions right at DuPont, so I was extremely happy about myself. Even a few without even having Mr. T help me out! =] My grandfather picked me up at about 3:15, and drove me home. I got some info for robotics, and my uncle picked us up to drive us there. We got alot done tonight, which was good. Tomorrow we are actually going to start programming I think. Tonight, David and I were able to get everything of the new control system mounted on the demo bot, every wire connected that should be, everything. =] We're so proud of ourselves, and Mr. Hinde was pretty proud of us too when I told him that all the wiring was done and we are ready to start programming. I took a picture of it on my mom's camera and also my phone, but I'm not gonna post it on here. Just in case other teams manage to find it. haha. not that it will help them much since it's the demo bot. Haha. I'll post them after build season is done. Along with pictures of the robot and everything else that I take pics of. I sent the picture off my phone to Collin to show him what we got done tonight.
Tomorrow is gonna suck tho. Collin's not going to school cuz he doesn't feel good. Which means school is gonna be extremely long since I won't get to see him at all. But, he needs the rest more than I need to see him. And that means that since he's not gonna be at school, he won't be at robotics. And David won't be there either. So, I'm by myself on programming. Well, student wise I am. Urrrg. =/ And Shannon isn't feeling good, which means maybe she won't be there either. If I make it through tomorrow in one piece, it'll be amazing.

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