January 13, 2009

Fun fun?

I've missed a few days on this....I have tried to keep up with it. But, life has been crazy. As usual. Haha.

Sunday was kinda uneventful. After church, my best friend Rachael and her brother and mom came over for the Eagles game. They brought their Wii with them, so we played games on there while Jenn and Mom watched the game. We made sugar cookies, and Rachael and I decorated them in Eagles things.

Monday was boring, but good. That was the first day I got to see Collin during school and know that after 3 hours I would get the chance to hug him again. Knowing that totally helped me get through each class. My bus even made it home before Shannon's did for once. I tutored Kristen, but this past week she had no problems really, so for half the time I was tutoring we were talking about science fair stuff. =] Once I got done my homework, I hopped on Chief Delphi for robotics stuff. Once my mom got home and was actually awake (she and the cat fell asleep on the bed for about half an hour) we went to my grandmom's for dinner. And after dinner, I was flipping channels, and Star Wars was on Spike! It was the 6th one, which I don't like a whole lot, but Star Wars is HUGE to me. haha. I prefer movies 1, 2, and 3 over the others. But like I said, Star Wars is awesome. Getting to watch it made me so much happier.

Today was a normal Tuesday. We had school today, and nobody showed up for us to tutor. So, Mrs. S told us that we could stay as long as we wanted, just to turn out the lights and close the door when we leave. We waited for my grandfather to get there, and Collin was messing with this program called Scratch on Mrs. S's computer. My grandfather got there, and then we went back to our house. Collin pulled this plug outta my wall that has been stuck there for about 6 months now. Then I did my math homework. It took less time than I thought it would, so once he was done his homework, Collin grabbed the slinky and we tried to get it to go down the smaller set of stairs in my house. They were too wide, so we tried my bedroom steps. That worked...Until the cat decided he liked the slinky too. Hahaha.

Robotics was actually interesting today. Denise brought dinner tonight, and it was really good. We didn't do our usual team meeting like every other night, so I was kinda happy. I had the team update with me, so I kinda did want to have the team meeting. Oh well. After dinner, Aaron gave me and Collin some math stuff to figure out for programming, and we tried to....It just didn't make sense really. So, tomorrow we're gonna go to DuPont for alil while, and then go talk to Mr. Lower about it to see if he can help us out. It'll be good for me too cuz I have him next semester for pre-calc. =]
So, that's how the last 3 days have gone. Pretty boring actually. lol

Tonya and Denise.....Guess how many more days.....=]

2 more days til he goes for his driver's test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

I thought everybody would like that =]

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I know, I can't wait. (-:

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