January 30, 2009

Applebee's!!! =]

I meant to take pictures. I really did. It just didn't work cuz we were having too much fun laughing =]
Collin picked me up alil after 7 at Andy's house. He had to come inside to talk to Mom and Andy's little brother was talking to him too. Probably a good thing Andy wasn't there. LOL We texted Carly and told her we were gonna be a few minutes late.
We got there, and everybody was standing there waiting for the table. There was (when we got there) : Michele, Carly, Clay, Robert, Melanie, and Brett. Tho Brett didn't sit with us. Kaitlyn showed up alil after we did. While we were still waiting for the table, we had TONS of fun laughing with Rob and Clay about Mel and just about everything lol
Dinner was the same thing. Collin, being the gentleman that he is, bought my dinner for me. He had the appetizer sampler and I had a half order of the chicken caesar salad and a diet pepsi. I wanna say we got seated at around 7:30 ish, and we all got done eating at around 8:30 ish or so. Michele had also told the waitress that Rob's birthday is on Sunday. So, out came the ice cream. Which he didn't want to finish himself. So, Clay, Rob and I ate it. =] It was yummy...Chocolatly too. =] lol But that does not mean we were ready to leave. Oh no. We sat and gossiped. We talked about Katie H. and her boyfriend and how Rob was her fall-back guy after Dylan G. We talked about winter track. We talked about Mel's homecoming dilema one year. The list of stuff we talked about goes on and on.
Clay's girlfriend Ariel didn't come tho, so I was the only sophomore. But, it wasn't until somebody *cough cough* Collin *cough cough* mentioned that I was the only sophomore that Rob realized. Like, Michele and Carly and Clay and probably Kaitlyn knew I wasn't a junior like the rest of them. And I think Mel knew too. But Rob didn't know. lol After my loving boyfriend said that, Rob then said that I was not cool and that the juniors are alot more mature than sophomores are...What he didn't realize tho (at that moment) was that Clay was trying to get the knife to balance on the fork....Yea, real mature. LOL
Michele and I started to gossip like we did in middle school. Hopefully things go back to the way they were. We were saying how we missed middle school cuz we were so close and all the fun times we had in Virtual School (this dumb class we took, but we didn't do anything but goof off on the computer). It felt right again. lol
We left Applebee's at around 10 ish. We were both not happy to leave, but Denise said that Collin had to be home by 11. So, we decided to give him an extra 15 minutes to get home since it takes 15 minutes to get from Beckett to my house. Once we got here, then Collin decided to start sliding on the ice in my driveway. And just when he almost fell, my mom and sister pulled in. lol nice timing Mom and Shannie. LOL!!
So, that was our fun night. Hopefully Tonya and Denise are happy with the report. LOL!!! =]

Oh, and I just found out that robotics starts at 8 instead of 8:30....Grrrrrr

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Tonya said...

So glad that you two had a great time!!!

I remember all the fun I used to have meeting up with friends like that...they are cherished memories.

Have fun at robotics today!

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