January 19, 2009

Mall fun =]

Today was TONS of fun. At around 9:30 ish Collin picked me up. We went to Deptford after attempting to get the GPS system to work. Turns out my directions were a tad better than the GPS's were lol To a point anyway. When we got to Deptford, we went to the mall to get sticky buns for breakfast. We learned something too....Go to the mall in the morning. Wayy less crowded and easier to find a parking space haha. Once we were done eating, we walked to Hot Topic cuz Collin wanted to make fun of scene people. There were none there tho. But I did find some Twilight things I liked. Haha. Like an adorable zip up hoodie that said "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" ....That has got to be one of my favorite quotes outta that book! Then we went into Spencers. I found an ADORABLE purse that's a Nightmare Before Christmas purse. I took a picture of it once I got home, but I can't get my computer to find the memory card. =[
Then we went to AMC8. We wanted to go to AMC6 tho. Once we figured out we were supposed to be at the other one, we got our butts moving and got over there in enough time. We saw Last Chance Harvey. Which was adorable. I'm pretty proud of myself....I've gotten Collin to watch more than one chick flick now....Go me! lol!!! We went to Best Buy to get ink cartridges for Tonya's printer and to get something for Collin's PS3. Then we went to Staples to buy black ink for my own printer.
We went back to the mall to get something to eat for lunch. We went to this place in the food court called Bourbon Street. It was some yummy bourbon chicken haha. Then we walked around for alil bit trying to find somewhere to go to kill some time.
Collin had told me awhile ago that when he was in the mall with Tonya, Ally, Michael, and Fred that Ally was making a bear at Build-A-Bear and he would get me one too, but he had no money. Well...He asked me today if I wanted one. Which, of course, I did. So, we went to Build-A-Bear and I picked out a pink monkey. They have it for Valentine's Day. Once I picked it out, we got in line to stuff the bear. The two guys in front of us were making dogs for their girlfriends, and one of the girlfriends called. The side of the conversation we heard was pretty funny. He couldn't tell her what he was doing really cuz the stuffed dogs were a surprise haha. When it was our turn to stuff it, Collin did all the work, including the heart thing. I had to laugh cuz the girl made him do everything but jump around. Haha. Tonya, I was gonna take pictures, but he wouldn't let me. And I couldn't sneak the camera outta my purse either. haha. Once we were done, I went and named it. You get one guess what I named it.....Took me alil while to come up with the name, but once I figured it out, it was like "Duhhhhh"......Take a guess Tonya. Haha. Again, I took a picture of the monkey, but my memory card (or possibly computer) is being dumb.
Once we got done paying for Padme (you knew that one Tonya, didn't you? hahaha), we had to leave in order to get him home by 5 ish. We had to stop at CVS in Swedesboro to pick up pictures for the corporate sponsor letters I'm sending out and go to Andy's house to drop off his brother's jersey. Finally we got back to my house at about 4:40 ish. After a good bye kiss and hug, he had to leave to get the Durango back to his dad.
It was a fun day, and I wish it didn't have to end. That and I wish his car was done. But, it'll be done soon, I know. I can't wait until the next day we have off. =] lol


Tonya said...

I knew it would be Padme! I can read you like a book. LMAO.

I told Collin that we need to download voices for his GPS so he can have darth vader giving him directions...I think that would be hysterical!

Samkay said...

hahah scary thing is that yea, you kinda can LOL

We were talking about that too!!! lol It would be sooo funny if he got the GPS to do that! lol =]

Denise said...

I cant wait to see pics of your new monkey. And I really, really wish that I could have watched Collin make it.

Samkay said...

It was funny watching him have to rub the heart, tap it, turn in a circle, hold the heart to his heart, make the wish, and give it a kiss. But, I promised him no pictures. So, I couldn't take a picture of him doing that. lol and as soon as my dumb computer starts working again, I'll upload the pic. lol or I might just take a picture tonight of it on my cell phone haha

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