January 2, 2009

Fog and Robot Monkeys

Ok, so, the weather today was extremely foggy, so I couldn't drive my grandmom's mini. Sucks, but oh well. Here is a picture of me with all the fog behind me.

And here is a picture of all the fog. You usually can see the road and highway and stuff. But not today. =[ Can't even see the outlines of the hills!!

So, my dad's girlfriend came by a little earlier to drop off my dad's phone charger and also a present for me. I had emailed her about something a day or two after we all celebrated Christmas, and today before we left to go see my dad's little cousins, he mentioned to my grandmother that Claudia was dropping by to give me something.

She had made me a stained glass purple robot monkey. It's amazing. I would love to hang it on the Christmas tree at my mom's house next year, but she doesn't like my dad's girlfriend like, at all, so it would only cause drama in my house. So, I dunno where I'm gonna put it yet. When I get my car, I would love to hang it off the rear view mirror, but I'm afraid it might be too heavy. Eh, we'll find out. My dad thinks I should put it somewhere where my mom is gonna see it almost every day. haha. He instigates ALOT. Must be where I get it from. hahaha *Angelic*

This is gonna be the last post until I get home tomorrow night. My plane leaves at about 10 ish in the morning PST, and I forget about what time we land. I know the plane ride is about 5 hours and 15 minutes or so. It'll be good to be home. I'm actually looking forward to Saturday, cuz even tho it's the start of build season, I finally get to see Collin again. These 2 weeks or so have been SO long and hard to bear. Summer is gonna be harder since it's a month that I'm gone, but I'm not gonna think about that until it comes. I hope that on Saturday Collin can come over after we get done robotics. He still owes me a few chick flicks like he promised me before we even started going out. hahaha. =]

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Tonya said...

YAY! Sam is coming home!!!

See ya Saturday!

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