January 17, 2009


YAY!!! I love it when my mom does this...She grounds me for a week or two, but then a few days later, she lets me off of it pretty much! =] Tonya and Denise, don't remind her please!!!!!!!

So, Friday was ok I guess. Collin got his stitches removed. Oh, I got back my English paper on the trial from To Kill A Mockingbird.....I got a 99 on it!!! =] I'm sooo happy! lol Other than that, nothing really happened.

Today was ok I guess. During robotics Collin and I did electrical stuff. Afterwards, he drove me home and we were talking with my mom for alil while and just hanging out. Then my mom asked me and Collin to go to the Acme to get some stuff for dinner tonight since she can't drive. Poor Mom. She had an injection. =[ But so we went to Acme and got the stuff. Oh, and he asked my mom if I can go over on Monday. Like, if maybe we could go to the mall or something in Deptford...Her answer was "ask me tomorrow. Chances are yes" =] I'm soooo happy!!! lol
So, this weekend has been kinda boring. lol So far anyway. lol But fun at the same time haha. I'll try to post something tomorrow maybe if I'm allowed on. =]


Tonya said...

Ummm, as much as you talk to Collin and he didn't mention that he actually gets his stitches out at the end of the month. LOL

Samkay said...

No, he DIDN'T mention that!!! And I asked him about it too. lol wow. lol

Denise said...

Yep, still has stitches. But it doesnt surprise me that he didnt tell you. Have fun at the mall!

Samkay said...

Hahahha we will hopefully lol

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