January 8, 2009

DuPont meet

Ok, so we had a DuPont meet today at Salem VoTech. JV lost (I forget the score) and it was pretty weird without Collin there today. Varsity lost by one point. So, now we're 3 and 2. Better than Salem's. Last I heard they were 1 and 3....lol
We stopped at McDonald's on our way to VoTech. This is the picture we got of Mr. T playing this game they had there:

Don't he look funny??? Haha He was trying to kill Ron cuz it was a Harry Potter game. He thinks that Ron should have died. So, he was going to kill him. LOL

I'm off to robotics soon once my uncle gets here. Fun fun? I'm gonna be the only student doing programming since Collin isn't coming and David has bowling practice. Oh, and Shannon isn't coming today either. Remind me to tell all 3 of them what happened tonight lol


Denise said...

You are having a lonely day, huh? Sorry about the Dupont loss.

Samkay said...

Yea, very lonely. Tomorrow is gonna be just as bad too. Since his surgery is at 10, which means no school for him. =/

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