January 19, 2009

My little boys are the most annoying boys ever. They are bratty and get EVERY thing they want pretty much. They have toys in every room in the house and decide that we have to drop everything we're doing just to take care of them.

That is my youngest boy =] I managed to get this picture this morning cuz he was standing still for once. That is one of the hardest things for him to do I think.

My two boys playing. Googly learned from his sister (who I don't have a picture in this post of her) to jump at the neck of Cody. He also does it to Jenny, but not as often. If you saw my two dogs playing, you'd understand where this kitten learns it from. It's very amusing for all of us to watch. =]
I thought that would be a fun, happy pick-me-up for everybody who is already having a bad day. Now it's time for me to get ready to go out today with Collin! =]

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Denise said...

So cute. I love how Googly always looks like he is winking at you, lol

Have fun today!!

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