January 31, 2009

Happy birthday Poppop

Yesterday was Poppop's 81 birthday. We weren't able to really celebrate it last night cuz everybody was pretty busy. So, we celebrated it tonight. My mom's old childhood friend came over with her husband and two sons, ages 5 and 3.

Poppop was cutting up the cake for everybody to eat. Cuz he loves us all =]

Evan and Brad playing with the legos. Evan is 3 and Brad is 5. So, so cute haha =]

Brad, my mom's friend, and Evan waiting for dessert

And, last but no least, Mr. Weick gave me a HexBug today cuz my flash drive had the most up-to-date manual of the entire team. XD It's MOE green, but I don't care. I've been bugging my mom to get me one since PARC in June. And I finally got one. =]
Oh, today at robotics, we realized that the cRio is NOT isolated like it should be. Before they moved it, it was isolated. Then, they moved it. Hm, proves that if a project is finished, it is NOT to be moved. And didn't Mr. Hinde say that today to Ally? Yes, I believe he did. He shouldn't have moved my FINISHED project.....I'm blaming him if it shorts out cuz of the static electricity after a match. lol
At around 1 ish we left SCC to go to MOE's practice field. We swear that they probably had cameras watching our every move. AND our robot. lol There is another picture that I was gonna put on here from when we were at MOE's field (no, you can't see the robot), but it's on my mom's camera. Once I get it, I'll put it on here to show everybody =]
Other than that, today was pretty uneventful. Hopefully tomorrow will be better? lol

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Denise said...

You lost me at cRio and hexbug....lol, sorry. But Im glad you had a great time practicing today.

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