January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Life (Not really, but oh well)

Ahah! I have figured out how to outsmart my post thingy. lol Which pretty much means, I have learned how to get the first line or so NOT as a link lol
So, today at robotics, things were pretty boring. I had to wire up the air compressor, and do a few other things. Eww. lol After that, Collin and I drove to his house to hang out. At first we thought that nobody was home cuz the van wasn't there. So, we drove around for alil bit. We went back to his house, and saw a car in front of the house. Tho, he didn't know who the car belonged to, we went ahead and parked. that's when we realized that Tonya and Allyson and Michael were there the entire time cuz Fred took the van to work lol
We went to Tonya's grandparents' house. The ones with the farm. lol We ate dinner with her grandparents, mom, brother, sister-in-law, and their two boys. Michael went with Tonya's dad back to his house.
After dinner, Randy (Tonya's brother), Collin, Tonya, and I took Ally and Colt (one of Randy's boys) "sledding".

Colt and Ally getting ready to go sledding. Colt looked so cute!

Collin was helping Colt get situated. His gloves were falling off, his boots were on backwards (meaning, right boot was on left foot lol) and Ally decided she didn't want to sit on the sled anymore cuz she kept almost falling off lol So, she got in the truck with Randy and Tonya.

She was trying to get Collin to get off the ice and sit down with her on the bench....We think. Haha

Collin was walking with Ally on the edge of the pond. The ice was thicker there, so we figured it was safe to let her walk there. We didn't let her go much further. And she was holding onto her big brother the entire time.

And of course, I had to take some pics of me and Collin during the sledding experience lol We were sitting in the truck bed watching the two little 2 year-olds on the sled.

Today was a very fun day. I actually can't wait until the pond is totally frozen, and the ice is solid so we can go ice skating on the pond =] And I hate ice skating sometimes cuz I fall all the time and I hate the cold too!! lol


Tonya said...

Well...ice skating isn't too cold if we have our big bonfire lit. We pull the bench onto the ice, light a massive bonfire and ice skate. It is a beautiful thing to do at night on a full moon...great times! Last year it was a perfect night...we had so much fun!

I hope you can join us next time we go, I am guessing we might get some really cold days sometime in February...and if it snows we go sledding for real by the way...BE PREPARED!

Samkay said...

Haha that would be soooo much fun!! lol Heheh sledding for real is always a fun thing to do. I haven't done that in like, years lol and I'll make sure to wear my winter coat, even tho I HATE to wear that thing lol Or, I might just wear my mom's. lol I like her's.

Denise said...

It looks like you had a great time. I loved the pics on facebook. But I still bet it was too cold for me!

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