January 22, 2009

Pictures from DuPont meet

Josh, Zack, Mike, and Brent were our varsity people....Gotta love them! Oh, and that's Mr. Gallagher's head and Mr. T's. lol T is the bald guy. LOL

Going left to right starting at the bottom: Addam (we added the extra D in his name during youth group one day lol), Brent, Josh, Angelina, me, Collin, Mike (since technically he was on the top row), Zack, and Mike N. We were all the people that went tonight. Notice the matching shirts. lol

All of us again. For some reason, Mr. T took two pictures on my camera and I think only one on Lina's. lol Oh, and notice the coke cans of the three boys in front...They had them all facing the same way. And we're going to crop that part of the picture so that will be in our yearbook this year. LOL

Left to right starting at the bottom again: Addam, Brent, Josh, Lina, me, Collin, Mike, Mr. Gallagher, Zack, Mike N., Mr. T. Gonna miss Josh, Brent, Mike, and Zack next year! They're seniors and are graduating. So, this was our last official match with them. =[ And next year, our seniors will be: Collin, Angelina, Mike N., Bonny, Carly, Cara, Faith, April, Amber, Tyler, other Mike (I forget his last name lol) and a bunch of other people I'm sure I'm missing. Addam and I are the youngest. lol Only two sophomores on the team. And they tried calling us freshman tonight. Or, Josh tried calling me one. LOL


Denise said...

nice pics! and was Collin smiling? lol

Samkay said...

Kinda! lol I told him he had to smile lol XD

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