January 28, 2009

Officially NOT my day

It is officially not my day.
I have this rash thing on my leg. Dunno what it came from, but it's like a ring of scabs. And the scabs are circles. I have no clue where it came from. I had it once before, and it went away. Like, the scars were still there, but the scabs weren't. So, I didn't think too much about it. Of course, then they came back. And I told my mom about it. So, we decided that today I was gonna go into the doctor's office and they were gonna look at it.
So, I went upstairs to grab shorts to throw on under my sweatpants. Cuz while I like my doctor, I really don't want him to see my underwear. If it was Ashley, I'd be fine with it. But, not the doctor who I'm gonna see. lol I'm self conscious to an exteme about those things. lol
Back to my story...I was on the phone with Collin looking for shorts in my room. I opened up a drawer, but they weren't in there. Ok, fine. whatever. I turned my back to my dresser to look on the floor for the pair I wanted to wear. Next thing I know, my dresser all of a sudden hits my back, and everything that was on top of my dresser came flying forward. I screamed bloody murder practically. Collin tried to get me to calm down once he figured out what had happened and that I was close to a panic attack. I tried pushing the dresser back up against the wall, it didn't work. Nothing was working. Finally Shannon came upstairs and started helping me. After about half an hour, we finally got the dresser to be somewhat straight. We pushed in the top drawer, and let go. It stood up. We opened up that drawer, and let go. It started to fall. So, we figured out that we had to keep the drawer closed. At this rate, I'm already late to go to my grandmom's to have her look at my rash thing.

That is what it all looks like now. A huge MESS!! Collin had been telling me to just quickly move out from under it so it didn't crush my legs and cause more problems. I was close to doing that, but the picture frame that Tonya gave me would have been broken. Which was bad. So, Shannon moved it, along with the cupcake frame I like so much. So, right now that is what my room looks like at the foot of my bed.
As I said before....Today is NOT my day at all. Now I'm waiting for my poppop to pick me up so I can go to the doctor's. Which was the reason the dresser got so messed up to begin with. Or, what caused it to fall on me. Ugh. And now my right shoulder blade hurts. And that is the side that is more prominant now thanks to the scoliosis moving. URG!


Denise said...

{{{HUGS}}} Sounds like a terrible day. Im so sorry to hear that. And I hope your shoulder blade and back feel better quickly.

Samkay said...

Thanks. I can't wait until tomorrow night. I now hate it when we don't have school. I look forward to seeing Collin during the week. But, I couldn't see him today. not cool!

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